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Artwork of the Week - 26th October 2015

Posted by Union Art 26/10/2015 0 Comment(s) Artwork of the Week,

David Harper - Blue Vase with Flowers

We are delighted to welcome David Harper to our collection at Union Art.

David Harper is possibly best known for his Antiques and Art presenting on BBC TV.  Programmes like Bargain Hunt, The Antiques Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Flog It. He also writes art and antiques articles for magazines and is often asked to comment on art or antique related stories on radio and TV news.

David was born in 1967, he has lived and went to school in Zimbabwe, he now lives in Teesdale. He became interested in antiques from the age of 5 and has been collecting and studying them since then. He inherited his love of antiques from his parents, who still collect.

David discusses his work "Painting is a huge passion for me. It's the thing I do to relax, switch off and recharge. My painting studio is a large open space with old Georgian floor boards, two sash cord windows which pour in light and is without doubt my favourite place to spend time. When I’m away filming, ideas will come to me for paintings, I’ll make drawings, notes and take pictures of objects, places and even people that have given me the inspiration. Then, when I get back, even if it's very late, I’m straight into the studio to make a start on the new project. I’ll always have several ideas on the go at the same time and paintings can be left half finished for months, before I finally decide what it is they need to be completed…it's a process that just happens naturally, it can’t be forced and I just go with it!

My paintings are of course also inspired by my life so far…we’re all products of our past and often some of the thousands of objects from the world of antiques and art I’ve handled, studied and sold over 30 years will crop up, especially Oriental and African inspired shapes and colours  will make their way into my work."

Blue Vase with Flowers is a Signed Limited Edition Canvas Print with an edition size of just 95. The artwork is a perfect example of the representation of David's experience. The artwork is bold, bright and colourful.

The full collection of Signed Limited Edition Prints by David Harper can be viewed at Union Art. Each piece has been reviewed and signed by the artist. Each print series from Union Art is available for immediate delivery and can be shipped worldwide.